Oleg  BERLÓV Autor of this CD-ROM
O.Berlov, Irkutsk, 9-V-2004

Education: Dipl. Biologist (Entomology). Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Irkutsk State University (1982-1987).

Publications: more than 85 scientific works, including 40 descriptions of new species and subspecies of the ground-beetles (family Carabidae) and 9 taxons with rank of subgenus.

Oleg Berlov was born in the family of Siberian entomologist Eduard Berlov. From childhood Oleg had participation in tens long expeditions in different districts of Russia (from Western Caucasus up to South of Russian Far East), conducted observations over hexapods in a nature and in a captivity.

Oleg Berlov actively works in the Internet, he is the web-master of several entomological web-sites. In the beginning of 2000 he has organized the Siberian Entomological Bureau, which basic problem is building good electronic atlas-keys of hexapods of Siberia and Far East.

From 15-V-2003 Oleg Berlov work as an entomologist at the State Nature Reserve "Baikalo-Lenskiy".